Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Smartphone & Tablet Repair- Insurance Woes and Cheaper Alternatives

Todays topic is going to be covering insurance offered at Verizon Wireless and AT&T stores. Insurance is a must for many smartphone and tablet owners today that offers peace of mind and protection from theft. Asurion is the company working with Verizon and AT&T. Let's take a look at the cost for insurance through Verizon and AT&T over time.

Insurance requires a monthly fee. Currently, insurance is $15-$20 per month. This adds up to wasted money if the insurance is not utilized. A two-year contract amasses $360 in insurance charges that often is wasted money. If you do need to use the insurance, there is a $175 deductible.

Monthly Fee  $15
Deductible    $175

After submitting a claim to Asurion, you are often given a refurbished phone that is back to factory settings within 1-3 days. On the new (refurbished) device, all of your old data is gone.  This includes contacts, pictures, apps, etc. Often you have spent more money of insurance than the device is probably worth when the insurance is utilized.

All in all, insurance on any technology is usually NOT worth it. Why would we claim this when we offer insurance ourselves?

We approach insurance in a different manner. If we could come up with a better name for insurance, we would call it that. Unfortunately, insurance has a direct correlation with safety, and safety is something we all seek. 

The cheaper alternative to insurance is having your device repaired by iDoctor. We create value for our customers in three primary ways. 
1. No Data Loss
2. Same-Day Repairs
3. Cheaper than replacing/insurance

The one instance that insurance can actually be worth the hefty charge is if the device is stolen. After paying a deductible, you can get a refurbished device. A refurbished device on eBay is about the same price. Buying a broken iPhone 4 and having us repair the screen is by far the cheapest replacement option.

At iDoctor we offer same day repairs on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. We don't erase any data. We care about technology and are avid users ourselves. Repairing a device is the way to go! Although we do have a biased opinion in this area.

If there are any questions about insurance or iDoctor please contact us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/IDoctor/100488700117032

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