Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Samsung Glass only repairs

Another blog post! I do find time to get around to these as often as possible. I am going to cover a certain type of glass only repair. Samsung devices!

Performing this repair is tricky.There are three critical steps that must be performed to have the highest quality repair. Any very small mistake during any of these four steps can lead to a less than perfect repair or possibly a brand new AMOLED/Digi and front frame required to get the phone back up and running.

1. Removing the broken glass. Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 1, 2, 3, 4. All of these removal processes are very similar. The adhesive between the AMOLED (now referred to as LCD) and the glass slightly varies. The trick is to heat the screen to 150-180f and very carefully pry the glass off of the LCD. Do not pry too hard, as the pressure may break the LCD. Not too hot, or you will burn the LCD. Watch out for a couple cables and buttons. Make sure the frame is not damaged while putting tool under glass. Removing the glass is half the battle.

2. Next up is cleaning all the old OCA (optically clear adhesive) off the LCD and frame. You must make sure that all OCA is removed on edges of LCD, near cameras, earpiece, buttons, and pretty much everywhere. The key to a perfect repair is cleanliness and the very smallest details.

3. Now that the LCD is SPOTLESS. We are ready to put some new glass down. In order to return the phone to pre-broken condition, everything needs to be replaced. Yes, that means the OCA as well. For this step, repair shops vary. Some don't put the OCA back at all, and just use precut 3M adhesive to slap the glass back down. Some do. We currently have the equipment to perform the Samsung repair the way it should be. We struggle with occasional bubbles in the screen, but are improving our techniques for the repair daily. We scrutinize these small imperfections and actively look for solutions across the board. Anyway...Applying the OCA to the LCD is tricky. Similar to putting a screen protector on, only the OCA has to be perfectly centered and 100% bubble free. After that is done, time to put the final product together. Well, almost final product! Putting the glass down onto the phone is like putting another screen protector on. There are going to be bubbles. The trick to getting the bubbles out requires a high pressure temp controlled chamber. 20 minute cycle at the exact mAP and the correct temp, and viola, your samsung has been repaired in under 2 hours.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kindle Fire Charger Port Repair

We see a LOT of Kindle Fires in need of the charger port repair. This requires soldering and is a tricky repair but we can repair it same day! We stock the charger ports to ensure same day kindle fire charger port repair.

The kindle was poorly engineered and still is. All of the kindle's have the charger port attached directly to the logic board and are only anchored by 2-4 small posts that are soldered on. The connection to the board is made by 4 small pins on the back of the charger port that are also soldered on.

The kindle fire charging port usually breaks when the device is being used while charging. Every time we repair the kindle fire we recommend to NOT use the device while it is charging unless you want to have another repair done!

We stock parts for the kindle fire charging port repair. We can also repair the digitizer, LCD, battery, and any other components on the Kindle fire to get you back reading your favorite books today!

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

The most common cell phone repair we do at iDoctor is a broken screen replacement. A lot of times the cell phone is either broken by the kids or not in a protective case when the damage occurs.

The accessories out there do protect devices from damage, but get a lot of complaints about being too bulky, too restrictive to use with other accessories, or just not stylish enough.

We stock tempered glass screen protectors at iDoctor. These screen protectors are not your normal screen protector. They are engineered around most cell phone owners exact problem. I don't want it to be bulky but I NEED protection. Several companies have developed tempered glass that is designed to break before the screen of say an iPhone screen or a Samsung Galaxy screen.

So, if you find yourself in need of a cell phone repair. Remember, we can fix it TODAY and we can provide the ultimate protection for the screen with a tempered glass screen protector.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cell Phone Repair

So your iPhone is broken? The niche of electronics repair is quickly growing nationwide as the adaptation of smartphones becomes almost impossible to ignore.

Every smartphone has a glass screen. They are also very small. You fumbled it and BAM! BUSTED!

We stock parts for the most common cell phone repair out there. Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC....if we do not stock it we can order it. Any time we have the broken cell phone and the part, the repair is likely to take less than two hours.

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Soldering? Micro soldering? Tools? Check!!!

So, we began with little knowledge of soldering @ iDoctor. However, it has been stressed throughout our development that this is a must-have skill in the cell phone repair industry. Problems with devices can sometimes be traced back to the logic board, often where soldering comes into play during a cell phone repair. 

Having the right tools make all the difference. Without the correct solder, flux, solder paste, tools, irons, solder wick, and other things can make trying this repair on your own not the best experience. Since micro soldering is a highly advanced skill, it naturally calls for a higher price for the work. There is also always the chance that the repair will not work. Sometimes a pad can come off of the logic board, thus removing a 'signal' on the board to that specific component and rendering it useless. 

We have honed our skills at iDoctor to offer all types of microsoldering repairs. We can fix the iPod touch gen 4 charger port, the kindle fire charger port, Samsung GS3 charger ports, backlight IC chips on the iPad line. If we can get the part, we can fix it!

OEM vs Non-OEM. What you think you know, but don't.

OEM Parts or Not??? How about functional and guaranteed!!!

What does that OEM even mean? I am guessing the vast majority of cell phone users out there are not aware that OEM can be a fickle term used to up sell product and assure that this is 'original equipment manufacturer' parts or accessories. The definition Google provides goes...

  1. OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. When referring to automotive parts, OEM designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part.
There are a couple of different OEM standards in the world of cell phone repair. Each manufacturer is different. Every part is not created the same. Samsung has AMO LED screens while Apple devices have only LCD screens. Sharp makes LCD screens for a lot of devices, panasonic, LG, etc. The list goes on and on. 

The biggest question we get is are your parts OEM Apple parts. Simply the answer is NO. Apple is a design company not a manufacturing company. Third party companies are contracted to build the multitude of parts that makes the iPad, iPod, and iPhone so wonderfully beautiful. Apple then comes in with the genius design, marketing, and software to steal the show. In fact, Samsung in the recent past made parts for the iPhone, which directly competed with Samsungs line of phones. 

What I am trying to get at here is that an OEM Apple part does not exist in the iPhone, iPod, or iPad. No such thing. An OEM part could would essentially mean it came from the 'original manufacturer'. In any case this could be from LG, Samsung, Sharp, or any other LCD manufacturer. 

There are a couple levels of quality in the parts world. As with anything there are three levels of quality..... low, middle, and top quality. Some parts are refurbished even. There is still value in a broken screen, and are usually stock piled and sold by the 100's at repair shops nationwide. Sold back up the three tiers, retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer/refurbisher. After being refurbished, sold back down the tiers and distributed. Some unreputable suppliers offer this type of product...we DO NOT stock these parts, as they have a higher defect rate. 

If anyone has made it this far in this article and not gotten bored stiff and want to know more. Just call us. We would love to talk about OEM vs Non-OEM. We have done our homework, and will only offer top quality products and services GUARANTEED!!!