Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our Vision, and Why it is Great for you!

Future of Repairs and Services at iDoctor

The future is exciting at iDoctor. Advancements in technology are constantly keeping us on our toes. The next generation of phones are arriving, bringing on new challenges in the repair world. The way screens are made at the manufacturer level is changing and getting more efficient and stronger. Larger companies are starting to realize repairing these devices is possible. The level of expertise and necessary equipment to grow with advancements is becoming apparent in this relatively new industry. Larger repair companies are expanding rapidly and even flipping the business model upside down. We are aware of the nationwide market and keep a very close eye on the pulse of the industry to make sure we are doing all that we can in our area of focus.

We are working our absolute best to ensure that as new devices roll out that require micro soldering, or glass only repairs to lower costs, stocking more parts to better serve our customers, or anything we can improve upon in the moments we greet you at our front door, to performing the repair and working for perfection. We attempt to make you feel like you are the only thing that matters during our time serving you. We want a true genuine interaction with all of our customers.

At iDoctor we have chosen to specialize in certain fields to help ensure our customers are getting the best possible service. There are several areas that require a specialist. Electronic repair can be very difficult, and for any one technician to know the entire scope of iDoctors products would make him/her a master technician. Our current scope of services to a customer looks like phone, tablet, and game console repair. This is putting our services as simply as possible. Microsoldering an IC chip onto an iPad mini digi/home button is no easy task! Separating the shattered glass off of a Samsung GS4 is one slight move away from $200 destroyed. Replacing the entire rear frame on an iPhone can be a task for the DIY repairman.

We are investing time and money into perfecting our techniques daily so that we can offer a full scope of services. Whether that be perfecting our water damage repair process, or acquiring the skills to micro solder an IC chip back on the logic board to repair a number of different things that can go wrong.

When there is risk in a repair, we shoulder the possibility of the loss, but have been so experienced that mistakes are few and far between and will only continue to improve. We strive to make every situation right and treat each and every customer as fairly as possible. Billings has a great market for cell phone repair services, and all of our prices are very competitive. Just think, in Bozeman as of 7/17/14 the price to repair an iPhone 4/4S is still over $100. The cheapest repair is Billings is currently $69. Prices for everything locally in Billings are as competitively priced as the biggest markets in the USA.

Overall, we strive for optimistic improvement in every area of the business and look forward to continuing to serve the Billings and surrounding communities!